What our students are saying!

If your department is looking for initial RIT training or a refresher, 2nd Due training is second to none. They tailored the course to our departments needs and provided top notch instructors. Thanks again Brothers for making the trip to western Washington! Stay safe and keep the passion.

Great class. Will be highly recommended to others in the industry.

I will suggest everyone who hasn't taken a building construction class within 5 years to take this class.

Great class keep up the good work look forward to taking it again in the future

VERY helpful learned a lot!

Thanks so much for this class...

The instructor was a confident and knowledgeable instructor and able to communicate the lessons clearly and information was applicable to fire service personnel.

"It was a very good class and I am glad I participated. You have a great team...and I appreciate what you are doing.  Thank you for all you are doing to bring excellent  hands-on classes to our area."

Everyone did a phenomenal job, was very down to earth and approachable, and had a very compassionate and constructive teaching style.  Everything built on itself very well throughout the 2 days.  The amount of effort that went into this course was easily seen, and I thought even the breaks in between pits to reset were a great period of time for everyone to regroup and get ready to go to the next station.  Great work guys!

All in all I would go back again, and will recommend it to my department. I feel that the time with the tools and running some different scenarios with other departments is always a good training opportunity.

I like how you guys work it to our department and how you are very willing and interested in what we do for certain cases and learn from us. The whole event was very beneficial for me to learn from and helped alot in different cases.

Very good props, instructors were very knowledgeable about the material presented. Excellent hands on training!

Very thorough explanation and instruction of practical exercises.

Great props that he was able hand out to the class.  The use of pictures in our area that related to each building classification.

Fast paced straight to the point.

The knowledge about rope rescue was very interesting. My instructors were very easy to talk to, and answered all my questions, in detail.  Overall,  the class was very good.

The instructor has a very extensive background in the building construction field and applied both sides of the job to the class.

Great job guys, well worth the weekend!"

"Great class - well taught, likeable instructors; good knowledge!"

"Wish it was a week long" (we do to brother!) "Best hands on props yet."